For the multiplayer RTS game that I was developing I needed a couple of different tanks, preferably with modular turrets so they model could be used as a missile/rocket system, laser tanks, or as traditional artillery tanks.

To do this I edited two of the Synty tanks from the war pack and most importantly I remade the UV maps for the models. For more information see Multiplayer RTS.

After completing this work I decided to put my Blender rendering skills to the test so I create this scene that includes the two new tanks along side models from the SciFi City and SciFi Space packs.

I then made a series of still renders I created the short fly over video. This took approximately 6 hours to render on HP Razor laptop with a Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU. Each still image looked really good to my eye but when I rendered it in motion I realised that the denoise mechanism was too aggressive and made the image wobble about, particularly around the stronger lighting at the back of the formation.

You can view the full size render in 1440p here.