Identity Reset - Targeting

First implementation of the targeting system for selecting NPCs.

Melee Combat Animation - Test 01

This is a recording of the first test of the melee animations for a new game that I'm developing.

Synty Game Jam

I created a space combat game, Stellar Raider, for the Synty 2023 game jam. I used the Synty Space and Partial Effects packs for this project.

RTS Tanks

Renders of the tanks used in my multiplayer RTS game.

Spooky Corridor

A spooky corridor scene created to learn about UV mapping and texturing.

State Driven - Third Person Controller

This course discussed finite state machine based programming using different classes for each of the states as opposed to a single large class with an enum and switch statement.

Multiplayer RTS

This course introduced me to the design and implementation process of two new genre of games, Real Time Strategy (RTS), and multiplayer.

Hologram Shader Graph

For the Vigard project I needed to be able to have animated characters and objects appear as if they were holographic projections and separate from the rest of the environment.

Music and Sound for Games

I recently finished a 12 week course on Music and Sound for Games run by the Academy of Music. This course focused on using FMOD to implement a sound design in a Unity game.

Low poly environment course

This course focuses on low poly modelling and rendering.

FreshService Outlook Plugin

Outlook Add-in for FreshService

Architecture Showcase

I designed the 2020 and 2021 showcase website for the Department of Architecture at the University of Strathclyde.

Offstage Controls Protocol Emulator

OCPE is an lighting controls emulation package that can create dummy Art-Net ethernet gateways and RDM devices attached to those notes.


Between 2009 and 2017 I was the results official and software developer for Wiltshire Schools' Athletic Association. I developed a Windows Desktop and Mobile app to facilitate the rapid entry of results, certification, and team selection.

RCSSD 360 Photography

These are the 360 photographs that I've taken of the Embassy Theatre, Webber Douglas Studio, Courtyard Theatre, and Studio A.

Code formatting in Umbraco

Adding code formatted text to Umbraco RTE.

Embassy Theatre

Blender 3D model of the Embassy Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

Umbraco Client Dependency

Updating client dependency in Umbraco.

PDF splitter

I was asked by a colleague to split a PDF document created by MS Word's mail merge tool.

Clicky Mouse

Learning to use UI triggers to score points.