Blog Posts with tag Synty

Identity Reset - Targeting

First implementation of the targeting system for selecting NPCs.

Melee Combat Animation - Test 01

This is a recording of the first test of the melee animations for a new game that I'm developing.

Synty Game Jam

I created a space combat game, Stellar Raider, for the Synty 2023 game jam. I used the Synty Space and Partial Effects packs for this project.

Hologram Shader Graph

For the Vigard project I needed to be able to have animated characters and objects appear as if they were holographic projections and separate from the rest of the environment.

RTS Tanks

Renders of the tanks used in my multiplayer RTS game.

Multiplayer RTS

This course introduced me to the design and implementation process of two new genre of games, Real Time Strategy (RTS), and multiplayer.